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When working to strict deadlines and stage-gates, large-scale constructions projects are faced with the ever present challenge of the logistics and planning required to ensure products and materials are available to the trades when they need them. Efficiency needs to be achieved through forethought and pragmatism. Logistical support plans need to be well thought out but flexible enough to adapt to the shifting demands of the construction site environment.

Due to the specialist nature of lift engineering work, as well as the equipment itself, extensive planning is always required to ensure that materials are ushered onto site in a timely and safe fashion. Transportation to the agreed storage area requires an understanding of the risks associated with the movement of expensive infrastructure to the products themselves and, most importantly, the workers across the site. Second Party planning teams can not always account for these risk due to a lack of specialist knowledge related to lift engineering nor can they necessarily be held accountable for delays arising from materials being missed from deliveries.

Our logistics support staff will work alongside our specialist lift installations teams which ensures efficiency across the build and gives the client a greater degree of control and oversight. This approach can also significantly reduce the costs associated with specialist logistical support operations.

P&N continue to develop a team of specialist staff who are able to overcome the full logistical support challenge from bringing materials on to site through to ensuring that guide rails, brackets and other key products are moved from the agreed storage areas to the levels where required by the installation team. This level of efficiency, achieved by working with us throughout the full lifecycle benefits the project management team, the construction managers and all other partners involved. For more information on how our Logistics Support team can be employed to streamline your lift installation projects please contact us here.

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