Modifications for all leading lift systems

Modifications & Upgrades

From aesthetics to functionality, P&N Lift Installations offer a broad range of modification solutions. Internal alterations within automatic passenger operated lifts can include unique indication systems, bespoke panelling, flooring, lighting or feature additions.

Certain lifts can, if desired, be fitted with a ‘car preference’ feature that enables isolation of a lift car by an operator using a specific key entered into the lift’s control panel. When the lift is in car preference mode, it will only respond to the buttons inside the lift car and will ignore any calls from floors. This is particularly useful for situations where a lift is used for both goods and passengers and somebody needs to move several lift loads between floors without the interruption of passengers calling the lift from other floors.

Contemporary systems can also be fitted with automatic floor selection controls and panels and a range of LED or LCD display panels, often with animated scrolling up and down arrows to indicate the lift’s status; multiple variants of which are available for installation via P&N Lift Installations.

The quality of the finish both inside the lift car and at each lift lobby will undoubtedly be the most noticeable aspect of any lift installation for the daily users once the lift is in day-to-day operation. Our teams of specialist lift installation engineers take great care to ensure that the finish of each installation meets with the standards of the lift manufacturer and the expectations of the client.

Once a lift system nears the end of its lifecycle an upgrade of all or some of the aspects of a lift system can be undertaken. P&N can undertake a wide range of improvements from a full refurbishment of dented lift doors and entrance housing, upgrade of control panels and related systems' electronics through to lift car replacement, re-roping, rope-shortening and machine replacement.

All aspects of lift modification and upgrade are delivered by our dedicated teams of lift engineering specialists. We ensure the highest standards of quality when undertaking modifications and possess both the knowledge and capability of undertaking a broad range of bespoke work as required. Our expertise spans all major lift manufacturers' systems including OTIS, KONE, Stannah and Schindler all of whom list us as an approved vendor.

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