The Shard

The Shard is home to some of the best offices, restaurants and hotel rooms in London along with breathtaking views. A diverse vibrant community provides multiple areas within which the public can experience the building and its magnificent views. All of this sites adjacent to one of London’s major transport hubs.

Engaged by KONE Lifts, we delivered state-of-the-art lifting technologies in a "mega high-rise" installation environment including a first for the UK: the installation of KONE's "jump lift" system. This revolutionary systems utilises a building’s permanent lift shaft during the construction phase and operates as a self-climbing elevator system.  As new floors are realised within a building the lift "jumps" floor to floor with each completion. This self-climbing system offers an alternative to exterior hoists and improves the efficiency and safety of the building’s construction site environment. Additionally, this was the stage for KONE to introduce their first LCE Double Deck Lift in the UK. 

As the lift shaft construction continues at the higher levels the lift operates in the same shaft at lower levels below a protection deck.  This complex system requires expert knowledge and very strict controls to ensure that the health and safety of personnel from multiple trades can be ensured throughout the site.